The Art of Blowjob

When I kiss you, I like to feel your cock up against me, my smoothness teasing you as you start to get hard. Our hands wander all over each other, nails dragging up thighs, palms pressing against curvesWhen you hold me close to you, I feel so safe and warm.  When I'm giving you a blowjob, that feeling is only multiplied...  I love being nuzzled up right against you, kissing your cock lovingly as you slowly harden for me.The sun seduces my skin, just as my mouth seduces yours. Your cock is at my disposal, just as my breasts are at yours. When I feel you caressing my body as I slide my lips up and down your cock, I know that this is going to be incredible.Pull down my panties and make love to me. I want you to rub your cock up against me, getting rock hard until you simply have to slide inside me.Today is my birthday. I'm 37 years old. I feel strong, sexy and young. It's not a magic number but it is just a number.What's my favourite method of... getting the job done?force_template=plain& Of course, it would have to be a blowjob. When you're sitting there in front of me and we're in the silence and privacy of our library, I just love to kneel down in front of you to give you an incredibly sensual and loving blowjob.When I'm lounging in the Tantra Chair, I end up being in the perfect position for you to come straddle me. My head is gently cradled by the curve of the arm.I want to take you to the depths of my love, deep down where no one else has been.You really know just how to drive me crazy, don't you?force_template=plain& Here I am, just lazing around, and you walk in and straddle me before I even have time to say hello.Today, I want you to taste me. I want to give you my body so that you can share the pleasure I give by giving it right back.I love so many different aspects of giving a blowjob - the sensual discovery, the igniting passion, the intense pleasure... And I love so many different positions, focusing on different sensations, different dynamics and different body parts.This is pure bliss. These sweet moments together are so perfect. I love looking up at you lovingly while I give you a blowjob. Your cock his so nice and hard for me.Heat hit fast this year, and the sun has already been warming us for weeks. It's so abrupt, and I miss the slow thaw of winter. As it gently melts into spring, it's like an easy, sweet seduction.Simplicity can be so erotic. When everything else is stripped away and all there is can be summed up with the two of us, that's when magic really takes place.This is our 300th update today. Looking back on when we started out, we didn't have a clue where we would end up. Who knew that starting out The Art of Blowjob would have such an impact on every aspect of our lives?force_template=plain&When Irish eyes are smiling, they might be teasing and playing with you... At least, that's what my eyes are doing while I give you this loving, sexy blowjob in honour of St. Patty's day.Blowjobs aren't only for the bedroom, you know. Sometimes, I like to give a blowjob somewhere different in the house, so that every time we interact with that space, we'll think of the sensual experience we had there.It's time it's time it's time it's time it's time! I've waited way too long for this! Now it's finally time to open my present. What is it?force_template=plain& I can't wait to get all this wrapping paper off! It's a portable amp for my guitar!You love my legs. I love that you love my legs. I've been working them out a bit harder, getting them even more toned and firm. My moisturizing routine has expanded.I know that you've always had a thing for seeing my feet in a nice pair of classic black high heels. These ones will do the trick. It's fun to just get right down to business and give you an incredibly sensual blowjob, but sometimes I like to tease a bit first, and this is definitely one of those times.I'd like to think that every blowjob I give is sensual... But this one is very sensual. What's the distinction?force_template=plain& The beautiful sun on my skin, the way the light catches my hair, magnifying its fiery depths, the way it's just the two of us in this pale room, enjoying each other's naked bodies.Let's just stay here for a while, luxuriating in the rays like stretched out cats. Let's be lazy and playful together, slowly caressing each other on the floor like this.I love being all nestled up against your body, feeling you stroke my hair as your cock stirs and shifts against the side of my face. This is absolute sensual paradise.